Thursday, December 18, 2008

and i said to



tak yah ah dengar cakap org...amik je dip kalo tak nak kecewa amik course yang atas angin...

Monday, December 15, 2008

aku lari experiment bio...

Experiment 17: inheritance...
17.2:ABO blood grouping

ak seorang yang agak penakut darah... cesh...

so Ms. Norlizawati telah 'meghalau' aku keluar dari kelas untuk 1/2 hour..

agaknya tu lah sebabnya tak dapat 4 flat kot.. Allah tak nak bagi aku jadi doktor..

tapikan...ketakutan aku kepada darah ni aku tak leh jangka...ada time aku tgk darah aku pengsan..ada time tak, aku tak nak tanggung aku BLAH dari kelas b4 aku pengsan...

malu gila nak ngaku....thee~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Result aku kan.,..

sangat hampeh.. sangat jauh dr expected result... erm..aku dapat


have to work harder...

camne lah kimia tu leh dapat C+? i'm expecting more... rasa cam nak check balik je..tapi mahal sangat.. ke aku memang bodoh?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

i am ready to let go of him....

suddenly i was shocked because i have no more feeling towards the guys that i like before... when the 2nd sem begin..all the last me were change..I'm no longer interested to be in relation.

when he started to reply, answer my phone call three weeks before... i was so happy.. i started to reduce all my feelings towards all the guys here... but then something happened between me and him cause me to give up with all these..i just want to be myself..being in love make me no more than i just want to be like before..

  • not easily fall in love..
  • very high demand in choosing a guy
  • wait until i finished my matrix program than only I'll look forward into relation
  • even if he shows response on me..i will not step out from my words

i'll fix!
for this time! and i will never change..
focus on my study

Saturday, November 22, 2008

tagged by Alia lah pulok`

01. what is the most important thing in your life ?
wallet, diary, hp and mp3

02. what is the last thing you bought with your own money ?

03. where do you wish to get married ?
pah house in kuala kangsar..sangat ingin since i attend the first wedding ceremony there

04. how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover ?
as soon as possible..hahaha..maybe 26

05. are you in love ?
??? perlu jawab ke?

06. where was the last restaurant you had dinner at ?
pizza hut taiping

07. name the latest book you bought ?

08. what is your full name ?
Nur Syahidatul Anis Binti Nasarudin

09. do you prefer mother or father?
erm~ both!

10. name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time?
jodoh saya??

11. christina or britney?

12. do you do your own laundry?

13. the most exciting place you want to go?

14. hugs or kisses ?

15. point out five things about the person who tagged you
kaco betul!
org yang sangat suka buat tagged kowt~
lalala(having fun?)

16. eight things i’m passionate about
org2 yang pelik
keluar outing ramai2
gelak2 like hell
jerit2 tak tentu hala???
pakar sakit puan???
Dia yang sangat susah untuk dilupakan(
benci hell)

17. eight books i have read recently
Harry potter (1-7 kira tujuh dah lah kan?)
Biology(campbell) lalala

18. eight songs i’ve been listening over and over again

  1. Biarlah(nidji)
  2. ku mahu kau tahu(hujan)
  3. Halusinasi (MUH)
  4. Cinta Terhalang (BoB)
  5. One Night Only(Jennifer Hudson)
  6. Only You (sape nyanyi eh?)
  7. wanita(ct)
  8. kolibre(maksim)

19. eight things i learned this year
  1. good friends always be where we are
  2. man and sex...can't be separate
  3. love is emotion
  4. laugh is a medicine of hurt
  5. family is the one who enjoys us more
  6. SLE is a disease about immunity
  7. if we want something, than do it with our heart..insyaAllah dapat
  8. kerja tak leh bertangguh..buang masa...lalala

20. persons you tag
Ling fei please..
roti bakar..
kak aishah
Kak fatin
dah lerr..

tagged by Roti Bakar..((1st time di tagged so agak rajin nak buat))

Thee~ sape lah yang rajin men tagged org nie..

.: Perihal 7 jawapan :.
Anda mestilah jujur dan amanah ketika menjawab soalan2 killer ni.

1. 7 ciri wanita/lelaki idaman anda.
  1. pandai drive
  2. pandai amik ati mak apak aku
  3. ada sense of humour
  4. baik ngan family dia
  5. smart (tak ensem tak pe, janji tak selekeh)
  6. tak amik kesempatan
  7. truly good guy

2. 7 wanita/lelaki yang pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup.

  1. Noh Hujan
  2. Lan MUH
  3. Aiden (pen pal saya)
  4. Airic (adik pen pal saya)
  5. eric(kawan sy)
  6. "Apek"
  7. A*Y (lattest yang skang ne dalam usaha untuk buang..thee~)

3. 7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan seseorang yang anda minati.

  1. nervous
  2. happy of course
  3. dihargai
  4. clumsy
  5. something wrong
  6. speechless
  7. no idea

4. 7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda.

  1. ausie
  2. kelantan yang dirindui(wahaha)
  3. london
  4. bali
  5. gopeng???(maybehanyaberpasanganpasabesmatrik..hehehe)
  6. japan
  7. sabah (paksabelimutiara..hehehe)

5. 7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin akan anda hadiahkan pada pasangan anda.

  1. Jam
  2. wallet
  3. perfume
  4. chocholate
  5. home made card
  6. kasut
  7. tie

6. 7 tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda.

  1. Biarlah(nidji)
  2. ku mahu kau tahu(hujan)
  3. Halusinasi (MUH)
  4. Cinta Terhalang (BoB)
  5. One Night Only(Jennifer Hudson)
  6. Only You (sape nyanyi eh?)
  7. wanita(ct)

7. 7 rakan yang anda tag dan mahu mereka buat perihal 7 nih. WAJEB WEI.
mereka musti diberitahu akan perihal ini.

  1. Nadia yang bakal buat blog~
  2. Ling fei new friends in blogger
  3. Ms Alia yang tagged saya untuk post lepas nie
  4. Kak Aishah dengan friendster blognye
  5. Kak Fatin yang amat malas nak view blog saya
  6. Org yang rajin belaka
  7. org yang view saya~

Friday, November 21, 2008

girls out there

my concern is..stop being stupid because of guys..

memang la 'barang' korang, suka ati korang ar nak buat apa, but then, trust me, lelaki skang mana boleh percaya.. kononya " you prove to me that you love me, kalau you bagi body you kat i, you proved yang you cintakan i"

shit! please..tolonglah... once you dah 'meletup' that guy tak kan bertanggung jawab punya..

ada ke lelaki yang nakkan gurl yang dah di tebuk beruang?

renung2kan... peace..

based on the stories happened in the *******

(ps: i will not censored that word because i'm seriously point that word to guys yang behave macam binatang)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


title: Change lecture, practical class and tutorial class for all kmpk student for sem 2

objective: 1. to see whether the students can adapt to the surrounding of the new class
2. to try whether the new system will help in improving the students achievement.

apparatus: students of kmpk students, paper for list, MIS

procedure:1. enter the MIS and arrange the student randomly
2. start the class immediately when the sem begin


-will be see when the end of the sem..maybe after the result released-

discussion: update the students attendent, marks, achievement for every event
precaution should be take to the students who looks like going to fail.

conclusion: if the experiment success, the system will continue for the next session.

what the heck? kita org jadi bahan experiment..or maybe just for me kowt agak susah untuk adapt dengan persekitaran baru jd....


Thursday, November 06, 2008

tak nak tengok dia lagi!

owh sangat lah penat suka org...
pspm macam bangang...
study lah pulak..
boring ngan dia.


((what about kalo suddenly dia response?terpaksalah jilat balik kan? but sure, it will not happened!))

boring ngan hitam

sangat boring ngan warna hitam..punya lah lama friendster profile tu warna hitam...also with my blog..maka tukarlah ke warna yang lebih ceria...suka!


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

some question for me

1. how are you?
erm...i think worst...more to lovesick..wek
2. who was the last person you hugged?
my mom
3. where do you like to be the most?
my room...
4. whats your fave film?
HP maybe
5. what did you last laugh about?
imagine about guys [name] driving a car..will he look hot?
6. where was your default took?
no idea
7. whats the first thing you look for in a girl/guy?
erm.. he look smart but not handsome, and he is not in relation with anyone
8. if your in school, whats your fave lesson?
9. what do you work as / want to work as?
hoping to be a doctor but seems like my PSPM were just like hell... so i have nothing to think...
10. do you play video games? if so, which is your fave game?
= nope. game dalam handphone ada lah...
11. who never fails to make you laugh?
my friends yang tinggal kat room p3tb04..yang juga merupakan sumber food yang tak mengecewakan
12. what are you listening to right now?
erm...indie songs kowt
13. i bet you miss someone, who?!
14. are you happy with your life right now?
15. who was the last person you texted?
ayue~ and she makes me laugh
16. who do you live with?
family.. i have no bf right? not even husband
17. do you like living with them?
sangat..sumber food+money+happiness+entertainment+blablabla
18. what does your profile song mean to you?
ada ke? macam tak letak..
19. who did you last shout at and why?
Tiara kowt..because..dia memilih sangat!
20. are you normally a happy person?
maybe..because saya si kanak2 riang...kanak2 tak de masalah kan? tapi macam tak je
21. what was the last thing you went to see in the movies and with who?
last with dick and jane..ngan my cousin..farah
22. do you remember how you was 3 years ago?
cam ngah amik pmr je.
23. if you had one wish, what would you wish for?
hope examiners yang tanda paper bio tu silap kira markah bagi lebih sikit
24. when was the last time you lied?
pagi tadi kowt..masa exam muet..
25. any last words?
sorry yer...bahasa melayu saya agak merepk skang ni sebab banyak sangat guna bahasa pasar.. and my english doesn't goes so good.. eh eh eh..thank you

saya bukan lesb...

and will not be!

tak faham betullah manusia skang nie..doesn't mean when i have no BF means that i like girls

and also it doesn't mean when i said "serik dengan guys", means that i will never have feeling towards them..

seriously, saya suka sumone, and he's a guy. and dia ialah betul2 lelaki, bukan 'lelaki. wtf lah org2 yang ckp camni...

might be because i care my friends so much, jd mereka cakap macam ni... i care people who i love..and i love my friend..jadi tolonglah..

Saya bukan lesbo!

hahha..anyone agree with me?

erm..guys nampak hot bawak kereta... kakaka...

i love to shows that i'm still not yet matured...hehehe

mekacih lah ayue sebab layan gila aku nie

saya lovesick

ngan sumone..
tapi maybe sekejap je kowt...
nanti hilang lah suka tu..

hanya kalau dia tak response..hahaha


hoping on the first paper only..2nd paper sangatlah macam hampeh

ok lah..but kalo nak cakap A payah jer~

the most bloody one..might be because i'm expecting something hard from this paper, so tak baca yang basic..bukak paper trus blank..hell!!

tunggulah result saya...pray for me

Thursday, October 16, 2008

dia sangat happy..saya sangat kotor!!!

dia sangat happy!!

yes! this time nak citer pasal dia! hahaha..biar sakit hati saya..huhuhu.

hahaha...actually, saya main2 pulak...saya ask kawan saya suruh call dia...tengok how is his reaction ble ada girl call dia...S**t...dia layan..memang dasar lelaki betul! pantang dpt girl, layan je! heh..ingatkan dia bukan dari jenis camtu..

so...ble saya balik bilik, saya trus tulis in my " memory of the day"... that's where i use to express my feeling...ske sangat sebab itu je satu2 tempat yang ada aside from those yang saya list kan in my post before. ada lah yang saya tulis..won't tell it here..sebab...what ever i wrote in that thing adalah publish pada girls, but secret to pepaham je lah
//ps: itu bukan diary//

saya sangat kotor

might be sebab jiwa kekacauan dalam tempoh beberapa hari ni, so i hang out with my friends chating..kutukkutukbudakkmpk, gelakgelakaboutboys...hahaha..sangat suka..and banyak sangat mencarut...huh! sangatlah kotor saya ini... tak sedar PSPM dah dekat gamak eh...

and at last, i start looking at somebody(s) in my lecture...hahaha..sangat lah comel mereka itu sehingga dapat menaglihkan perhatian saya dari pn wahida yang sangat excited ajar bio kat H3..huhuhu..sorry mdm..

unfortunately, mereka tak tengok saya pun... :(

Oh Irsya..berhentilah main jiwa sorang-sorang..

Monday, October 13, 2008

thanks for always be with me...

pada saat saya kehilangan dia...kamu ada di samping saya...


pada saat kita kehilangan 'dia' buat selama2nya, kita sama2 kongsi kesedihan...

~kak hanis~
~abg azhar~

semoga allah menempatkan muhammad shafie bin tajuddin dalam kalangan org2 yang dia redhai... Amin..


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

he said...

kau yang mental sorang sorang...aku tak serius pon....

saya sorng je yang feel like we have something while he not? kira tepuk sebelah tangan lerr... and i feel nothing much than embarrased...

sebenarnya org kecewa because dia rasa malu..bukan sedih... maybe for me...

and i look just like this

luar nampak keras..tapi sebenarnya dalam sangat rapuh...

and Kak's no longer worth waiting...cause now it's hurt a lot... and i won't feel regret... and i won't cry again...maybe heartless is better...

i need time to recover from this hurt... huk huk...

*and don't worry, i won't kill myself...tak worth pun untuk lelaki cam tu..hik.*

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Raya story...

erm....MR. Roti Bakar...saya buat post like what you did as i have a lot of time now..huhuhu

27 sept 2008

selepas saya arrive rumah at 5pm, i trus pergi dapur as i have my mood to help my mum untuk food preparation for buka puasa. itulah attitude yang paling susah nak ubah...suma ikut mood...blaja ikut mood, masak ikut mood, kemas umah ikut mood... maybe itulah punca saya dapat 4a je kot...
herm...tak pe lah... matrik masih ada... well penat lah..after buka puasa, pergi smayang terawikh, and balik, trus tido~ pengajaran hari itu...jangan amik bas luar...penat owh~

01 oct 2008

Raya time!! and at this time i lost everything... my keronsang, my necklace, my sepit rambut... like hell. itu semua sebab kelam kabut nak balik kampung...owh sungguh hell!...when i arrive selangor (kampung belah ayah) in jeram, nobody's saya start hasut my dad, "ayah, cepatlah balik perak...nobody's here pun.." huhu... besides...saya tak dapat duit raya pun kat situ...just 40 ringgit..itupun my wan, and my aunties bagi... yang bestnyer kat sini...batas aurat tak payah jaga sangat as my aunty punya suami tak balik raya, and my uncle, ialah mahram saya... jadi...agak 'save' lah 5pm, kami bertolak ke perak..owh sangat suka!!!
sempat singgah rumah my cousin punya opah...jadi dapat lah duit raya..5 bugs saja.. and also an cousin's uncle told me about his son yang skang nie agak berjaya in cool lar weyh...means that...tak yah nak jadi doktor pun still success gak kan???

02 oct 2008

sampai kat umah pah at 12.00 sangat penat...jadi i straight tido with my 'baju pengantin'. bangun jer suma org dah heboh nak pergi raya...and at that time suda pukul 9.00.....terlepas semayang subuh..s**t... and kami pergi raya kat kampung padang pah's siblings...maka, still as usual tak dapat duit lah... keluarga saya sangt besar...i can't even remember her name..and 3 bugs only..ok lar tu kan..sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit..yeah~
that night, my family dah nak balik...why? because family wan nak datang raya sad lah...sekejap saja with my mum... dad leaves me with 5o ringgit for belanja...nanti dia masukkan dalam suma dalam tangan mesti habis... huhu..sngt boros saya...

03 oct 2008

raya ke tiga...tak buat apa2 pun...kat rumah macam hell saja... luckily ada org datang... so,agak busy di dapur..... at night...ayah cik cakap nak gi main i said, "saya nak ikut"...actually, saya tak suka pergi jalan2 sekitar perak..jalan dia agak mengelirukan... especially taiping. but, ikut jer lah... wont care...bukan saya yang bawak..huhuhu... and mamat my cousin telah menyebabkan kami menemui jalan mati for 3 times... hahaha... saya tak main bowling pun.. in fact..TAK RETI..hahaha...
tapi diorang main sangat best..teringin gak nak main..huhuhu..

04 oct 2008

bagun pagi..yes mengalahkan kak nyah nad shahirah..slalunya mereka saja yang bagun awal..kali ni saya pulak.. tengok the making of 'KAMI'...and saya sanagt lah suka indie band, saw kak nyah watching the same one so i said to her, "kak nyah, jom gi ipoh, tgk kami" and she said " jom" yeah, sgt suka...ask for wancu permission and we go there by bus...6 of us, even perancangan awalnya, nk pergi 2 org saja...len kali, nak pergi..diam2 suda...huhuhu...
sampai ipoh, sudah lewat..saya sangat sedih..lagipun, mana ada cerita KAMI tu..hell!
maka, kami pergi makan marybrown...hahaha..pandai je mereka, mengisi masa lapang..jadi saya trus cakap..."jom main bowling, tp sy tak reti main" maka mamat dgn segala hormatnye mengajar sy bebrapa teknik.. chesh...budak umur 13 ajar sy the end...seri with kak nyak at third place..hahha

best lah pulak main bowling... tak pe..outing nanti kita main yer Irsya..huhuhu

and bye the real name bukan Irsya pun...just use it as my sur name sebab sumone in my tutor has the same name as me...Anis..people use to call me anis, but as she tak nak mengalah, maka, people...panggillah saya irsya... owh..melekat sudah sampai sekarang..huhuhu...

syoknye raya...

uish..panjanglah pulak...hehehe..dah lah...out dulu..nak gi makan..mereka di bawah sudah panggil..
oh ye..doakan PSPM saya.. -out-

Friday, October 03, 2008

peoples say i'm....


kenapa? sebab saya memang bodoh kot...


i meet him somewhere away from my own state... saya tahu memang saya dengan dia sangat lah, dia budak pandai, smart, maybe loaded...he said he will protect fact that time saya bergaduh dengan beberapa gurls yang agak 'baik' so saya cuma cakap. okayh~

our relation go on even lepas course friend, couple, broke up, couple sampai lah i know something...
dia main-main kan saya!!!

and we broke up waktu kami sedang SPM..maybe for him..lantak kau lah hidup kau bukan hidup aku...tapi saya sangat kecewa and fortunately itu paper last...BIOLOGY...bayangkanlah...betapa bercelarunya kehidupan waktu tu..saya menangis waktu saya jawap paper 2, and pengawas pepriksaan tu bawak saya keluar dr dewan peperiksaan..have a private talk with me for 15 minutes... dah buang masa...

what i think that time yang saya akan fail bio, saya akan kehilangan masa depan saya.. saya akan hancurkan hati ma and pa and of course me...

believe or not...saya memang sangat lemah. saya masih teringatkan dia...even i know, dia langsung tak ingat saya.. tak ke bodoh namanya tu...


it's time to begin a new life..yes, love hurts me very much..i went to have a new boyfriend, but still i remember him.. saya tak mahu org lain kecewa sebab saya...

saya berpegang pada satu perkara...

seandainya kita berpisah, bermakna masa hadapan kita akan bertemu dengan org yang lebih baik



(mereka itu penipu besar..walaupun tak semua)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I wanna wish you...

Selamat Hari Raya

nak duit raya
tu sebab tak leh trima hakikat saya sudah 18 tahun...owh~ sedeyh banget deh...
tapi tak pe...
saya sudah matured!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink Lagi...

i went shopping for baju raya just tired...and...suddenly menyampah..kenapa baju kurung mama tempah warna pink? Gosh....

berapa taun sudah pink...saya rasa almari saya sudah full dengan warna pink...wah..sngt benci!!!


*actually i look worst with pink!*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's make it to the end

untuk membuatkan saya nampak bersalah, maka kamu yang berkaitan....saya sudah penat dan bosan main tarik tali dengan kamu... maka, jom end kan benda ni...saya akan usaha untuk lupakan kamu...

terima kasih sebab bagi saya peluang untuk dekat dengan kamu, kenal kamu lebih rapat, buat saya macam orang bodoh... sped half of my day thinking of you "sudah makan kah dia?", "sudah bangunkah dia?", "saya kacau diakah?"

jangan marah saya, tapi event baru2 ni, menyebabkan saya pk dua kali. kamu lambat response, sy makan hati, dan kamu terus marah sampai tak pernah care apa perasaan saya, tertunggu2 mesej kamu...risking my life there.... and KAMU YANG MARAH...padahal sepatutnya SAYA LEBIH BERHAK MARAH KAMU.
mungkin kamu sudah boring dengan saya... maka...
let's make this TTM relation to the end.
i rela we become a bestfriend..

Nape suma slow ne?

erghh! suma nak slow...boikot saya ke?

internet connection kat umah cam suwei jer..5 minit je mati, kena connect balik..sepak

itu satu slow~

second slow

right now, kami sedang kemas rumah... my dad keeps complaining saya sngat "slowmo"... betul la kot...sebab keja tu patut lima minit jadi 15 minit bila saya buat...and him sungguh sungguh la men'psyco' saya...uish~ bengang sudah...

yang peliknya, kat matrik, boleh pulak cepat...n saya kalo buat keja suma nak cepat bile away from my parent.

maybe, that's the reason why.... saja nak bermanja~

sekali lagi dia disconnect. hampeh betul!
sessungguhnya saya orang yang berpuasa!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Worst Journey After All!!!!

hell! hell! hell!
the first 3 words lepas turun dari komuter...dah la padat...macam tin sardin...and everyone knows yang saya sangat benci pendatang asing..tak kira la dari mana...accept for tourist...
well, saya sangat penat actually, duduk dalam bas dr Kuala Kangsar, Perak((my kampung)) sampai KL for nearly 3 mp3 didn't works and i have to spent those 3 hours listening to 'klasik nasional'
and then ambil pulak train kat kl sentral...from pudu, saya jalan sampai ntah mana2 ((in another word...sudah SESAT))until saya tahan satu teksi kat traffic light... oish..menggelabah amat!
taubat dah..pasni...tak nak lagi amik bas luar...kena kejar bas dalam..unfortunately, sy tak tau MUET saya kena waktu study leaves ke atau cuti sem....
matriks, study, owh..sangat penat... busy amat!!!
sampai nak amik tiket bas pun tak sempat...
itulah saya...

Friday, September 26, 2008

saya sanagat suka main2...PSPM???

saya terlalu banayk main...oish...result ups ri tu...tak lar baik sangat...soalan sangat senang, tap...tak boleh suma asek main2 punya sorry lah mom, last teacher...i know you hope on me so

masa untuk prove sudah bermula...

maka semua...tolong doakan saya....

saya sangat mahu jadi pakar


sangat penting for my ambition...

Chaiyok! Chaiyok!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

oish~ i'm sorry....

sorry amat pada mereka yang saya maksudkan semalam...((last post)) ...

i didn't mean of saying them...but too tired of love...might be god didn't want me to have any special relationship with anyone...HE protecting me i believe... so, saya serah bulat2 pada takdir...

  • tak mau lagi nangis untuk love,
  • tak mau pening2 untuk love,
  • tak mau termenung untuk love
  • tak mau lagi penat2 untuk love...

because now i think it was
sorry yer pada sape yang terasa

penat dah...pasni tak yah nak susah kalo 'dia' merajuk dengan saya

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All guys are same!!!

for god sake, why don't they choose someone with a good attitude? why should look at how they use to appear. i mean, Beautiful...why is it always on the first line to choose somebody to be loved...

and it was a sad when you use to like a guy, and he shows some good response to you..but at the same time he uses you to get knowing of your friend... GUYS! if you want someone...then talk directly to her. don't use her friend or anyone that she near to. it's hurt the people...even you didn't like her, or the sentence you use to use "i only accept you as my friend", but friend does not their friends understand them...

i'm so sick seeing people crying because of love...supposed, it should be something happy, but Gosh! it's getting worst...

guys out there...please!!! do care of our feeling...

talk this based on my experienced...
once again i lost a guy to a beautiful girl..
is it my mistake?

Monday, September 22, 2008

friendster.... banned!!!! oh no~


didn't know why suddenly it has been banned from our CR ((cr is cyber remaja, a place where our college student use for accessing internet))

durrr... i'm so sick already...where else can i contact my friend?

oh no~

is it really friends?

Friday, September 12, 2008

bye bye

i use to hear this song now so that i will not feel so down...

This is for my peoples who just lost somebody
Your best friend, your baby, your man, or your lady
Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye (no, no, no)
Mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers, friends and cousins
This is for my peoples who lost their grandmothers
Lift your head to the sky 'cause we will never say bye

As a child there were them times
I didn't get it but you kept me alive
I didn't know why you didn't show up sometimes
On Sunday mornings and I missed you
But I'm glad we talked throught
All them grown full things
Separation brings
You never let me know it
You never let it show because
You loved me and obviously
There's so much more left to say
If you were with me today face to face

I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on like
"I wish I could talk to you for awhile"
"I miss you but I try not to cry"
As time goes by
And soon as you reach a better place
Still I'll give the whole world to see your face
And I'm be right next to you
It feels like you gone too soon
The hardest thing to do is say bye bye

(Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye) [x3]
Bye bye

And you never got the chance to see how good I've done
And you never got to see me back at number one
I wish that you were here to celebrate together
I wish that we could spend the holidays together
I remember when you used to tuck me in at night
With the Teddy Bear you gave to me that I held so tight
I thought you were so strong
That you can make it through whatever
It's so hard to accept the fact you're gone forever

I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on like
"I wish I could talk to you for awhile"
"I miss but I try not to cry"
As time goes by
And soon as you reach a better place
Still I'll give the world to see your face
And I'm bragging right next to you (bye)
It feels like you gone too soon
The hardest thing to do is say bye byyyyyye

(bye bye bye bye bye bye) [x3]
(The hardest thing to say byyyyye)
Bye bye

This is for my peoples who just lost somebody
Your best friend, your baby, your man, or your lady
Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye (no, no, no)
Mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers, friends and cousins
This is for my peoples who lost their grandfather
Lift your head to the sky 'cause we will never say bye

I never knew I could hurt like this
(I never knew it)
And everyday life goes on like
(Everyday of my life I wish)
"I wish I could talk to you for awhile"
(I wish)
"I miss you but I try not to cry"
(I wish you could hold me as time goes by)
And soon as you reach a better place
(And soon as you reach a better place)
Still I'll give the world to see your face
(Still I'll give the world to see your face)
And I'll be right next to you
(And I'll be right here next to you)
It feels like you gone too soon
The hardest thing to do is say bye bye
(And the hardest thing is to do is say bye byyyyyyyyyyyye)
It's hard to say bye bye bye bye bye bye so come on somebody sang it with me wave your hands up high
This for my peoples who just lost somebody
Said this is for eeeeeeeeverybody
Just clap your hands to the sky
Cause we will never say bye bye

i'll try to upload this song here....still on progress

i feel empty

suddenly...i feel life was meaningless.... everyday

he leaves me....i'm so sad

help me god....let me forget him

i love much...unfortunately you're not...
i can't force you....what can i do, is just letting you go...

i feel worst...
stay with me...anyone?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

saya tak benci kamu...cuma

salam...satu benda yang paling meluat dan menyampah again happened in my life... saya tak benci kamu, cuma saya sangat penat menunggu...menyebabkan saya boring dan mudah ambil hati dengan kamu...kenapa kamu asyik buat saya sakit hati? kenapa asyik saya yang nak kena jaga hati kamu?

kalau kamu tak mahu saya, just said, so that i'm not going to wait for you anymore...lama sangat dengan kamu...saya cuba untuk setia. tapi kamu seolah2 cuba nak buat saya benci kamu... kalau itu yang kamu mahu...tahnish dan takziah...saya tak benci kamu, cuma saya bosan.

terserahlah...semoga tuhan panjangkan umur persahabatan kita!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hujan!!! MUH!!! Estranged!!

you guys relly make me feel day without you guys songs make me feel incomplete...
naseb baik dalam mp3 d lagu korang...

nak g tengok KAMI the gig kat terminal 1...but then harus pulang ke kmpk...sangat sedih...tak pe....laen masa ad lagi...

sangat suka lagu ku mahu kau tahu!

a trip to kelantan 2

wait...check balik apa yang di tulis... 8.30pm, my father drive us to Seremban Railway and my brother betul2 macam orang jakun as we both jarang naik KTMB...normally naek komuter jer hu~ so, kiteorag acting amik gambar banyak2..sampai ada aci india tu sengih tengok kiteorg...HAMPEH!!

paksu cakap, train supposely arrived at 9.30pm..waktu tu, being like stupid person, just sit n waited for the train to arrive.. then...normal lah..someone like me, mana suka duduk i bangun and have a walk along the station. at 9.30pm, ada train sampai...bukan kiteorgnye train..our train express wau, yang sampai tu express sinaran, dr singapore. tungu lagi...pastu baru perasan ada time of arrival untuk train ke tumpat dia tulis berlepas pukul 9.51pm...s**ted. mcm org bodo saja datng awal2

naseb baik dia dtg awal sket, so lma r gak train to stay kat seremban...than only kteorg jln...huhuu...well, dalam train tu, lepak wif my cousin sampai la pukul 1 maybe..along the time, ada mcm2 benda, n most funny, budak hilang..sangat penat cr dia...ale2 dia tido kat bed kosong...penat gile.

dah dapat cr dia, lepak cita2 ngan cousin, straight tido....serius tak ingat dunia nye tido...sedar2je sampai gua musang...bila la nak sampai ne.. not really remember at what time we arrive, but at 11.30 kita org sampai 2.30 kuar gi rantau panjang? tht time, org heboh ad bom meletup kat selatan thailand...sangat

penat lar...pergi situ shopping semata2...penat weh... naseb baik income tak masuk..rasanye kalo masuk, mau borong habis tuh...huhuhu...

2nd day, khamis, bangun pg, tau2 je kena 'halau'dr time kena ar kuar awal. sgt penat... at 4, back too the station...tunggu situ sampai keretapi datang at 7pm...walaupun sepatutnye train tu kena datang pukul 6.15...bloody hell!!

ape yang sy ingat sangat ialah, tesco dia ad tulis jawi...setiap poster dia, tak de yang tak bertdung..suma nye bertudung, and people dia memang sangat kuat dengan PAS. tu sebab dorng menang....huh politik...say no to politik,,jauhkanlah aku dr politik..takut...

kat dalam train, ak rs cam sumthing train tu mcm tak sedap. even bukan aku bawak((ps...lesen keta pun tak de, nikan pulak ketapi)) rs cam berat jer. pelik...n then ketapi tu slalu senget sebelah dlm tempoh yang lama...cuak ar...bukan sikit2... so, sbbkan rs tak sedap hati tu, i decided to be at the E class... waktu tu ada kat 1st class lepak ngan my cousin and opah.

sampai kat bed, i trus letak kepala kat bantal n trus tido....sedar dah pg, then my cousin cite keretapi berenti kejap sebab satu daripada gerabak tu tayar dia tak berpusing..tak tau ar betul ke tak so...stuck in gemas nearly 2 hours...masa yang dorg berenti tu, dorang ada buang gerabak...sian orng yang duk kat gerabak tu, kena merempat kat gerabak kat gemas lah dorang tambah gerabak tu... maka, sangat lambat lah kami arrived di seremban...jangkaan sampai seremban kul 6 pg, pukul 10 br sampai....

what so ever pun, memang sangat gembira skang ni, malaysia tggl tak pernah pergi langkawi, perlis, sabah, sarawak n labuan.tengok r, d masa nnti pergi r..

special thanks to my dad yang kuar duit untuk tambang and belanja, paksu for the arrangement of places and tickets, all aunty and uncle who have belanja me anything, KTMB for the travelling, all the kelantanese....even sometime i didn't understand their language...that was my main problem there, maxis and celcom, even sometime tak de line gak...n suma yang terlibat secara langsung dan tidak langsung..

until then, chowzzzz!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A trip to Kelantan

akhirnya dapat gak gi jejalan... i always looking forward to have a walk in kelantan, finally, dapat gak!

what makes me so interested to go to kelantan? sebenarnya, ustaz sy cerita about kelantan...cara mereka dengan kehidupan islam ((ps: i'm not a PAS supporters...note that please)). sangat interested sampai sy rasa nak pergi situ....bukan untuk shopping, but nak tengok sendiri betul ke.

when i came back from matrix for two weeks holiday, i feel bored...i know, mesti tak de menda nak wat..that time, m mum said my cousin n their family nak pergi kelantan...waktu tu sangat kecewa. bcoz my mum cakap da tak nak gi. sedih.i thot i want to go to planeterium 1st week monday, but, a lot of work to friday, suma homework dah siap, tinggal nak study bio for quiz sahaja... sangat seronok that time. sekejap ek...sebab...pastu boring harrrr....

sebabkan terlamapu boring, i slept at 3 pada hari isnin....boing gila...tak tau nak wat i just sleep at woke up at 10! sangat dahsyat..... n bile turun bawah, i saw my dad tak g usual,
he start to babbling to me....gosh.....slah sy jugak...saper suruh bangun lambat...then, my father ask..."na gi kelantan tak?" wah sangat seronok.yea dapat gak lar berlagak ka amy..sian ko kena study kan... hak3.

waktu tu berdebar2 lah sebab paksu kata train tiket dah bis...wah sangat 11.30, paksu anta mesej kat me saying ada tiket tapi pergi sahaja...balik tiket travelling. tak de tempat duduk...mula2 tak paham...lantak p lah...janji dapat

malam selasa tu, nak start packing barang...but waktu tu sangat sedih. i keep crying and crying for no reason sampai mata bengkak... then, i kuar tgk tv pukul 2 sampai pukul 3...when back to my room, i back to my mood...crying...tatau ar asal. then at 3.05, amy call me... waktu tu sangat seronok sebab sengal bertemu ngan sengal... jad triple sengal punya topik..hahah....we talked unti 6.45 in the morning...tak tido beb..hahaha..thanks weh...laen kali kalo ko tak busy call lagi keh...hehehe...

at 6.45, after phone off, straight tido... and woke up at 10.45..hahaha... once aain...kena bebel lagi...ut this time from my mum... then i realised that i'm not yet packing my stuff. huh, jai topik lah nak kena bebel..hahaha... i walked ito my room, having my bath without sarap, ad then lay back on my bed...after dah dapat ilham, baru kemas baju.hahaha.
this all the event before pergi...i'm going to write another one after this....

bye the father dah masuk internet kat umah... so leh online sampai pagi! hahaha

Sunday, August 17, 2008

he love me....he love me not???

yesterday, aku tak tau ar asal bukan kepalang bodohnye topik yang aku bangkitkan waktu mesej ngan dia... and ari ni...he don't want to talk with me. salah aku ke? apa yang aku cakap menyebabkan dia pikir aku nak balik pada ex aku? S**Ted ar....

aku tak tau ar apa yang menyebabkan aku saynag gila dia...yes, i love my ex...but enough as a friend...tak pernah terlintas dalam hati nak balik pada dia....for god sake...please lah sahabat... fahamilah aku yang dah banyak kali hurt ni....aku tak bodoh weh nak balik pada orang yang dah down kan aku...

dah tu, tolonglah...jangan lah asek nak ngajuk jer ngan aku...aku d keja gak dari asek nak pujuk hang jer...please lah wei...penat ar pujuk orang....s ebab smalam jer, aku tido awal...kul 12, tak pegang buku, nagis sorang2 dalam bilik... sedih weh, ko wat aku cam tu... jangan lah weh...aku saynag ko skang ni...bukan dia! walau macam mana sayang pun, ko gak aku sayang lebih..hak3...jiwang lah plak aku ni..huk huk..

bangun pagi...memang ilang abis ar mood, so aku cari anak2 kucing, aku peluk, aku nangis lagi...
puas ar ko, akhirnya aku nagis untuk ko lak... papelah weh... asalkan ko bahagia...tak sanggup dah aku asyik maen jiwa ngan ko jer...

tu je
weh....aku sayang kamu...jangan wat aku cam ni weh...aku tak murah...
aku tak nak dah pasni, no more story bout him keh?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i feel stupid!!!!!

i didn't know why...suddenly i feel stupid for waiting him...macam orang bodoh jer... sial betul lah.... memang lah bodoh..i know it was stupid...but still masih nak dia...

aku tahu memang tak de harapan untuk ad relation ngan dia, but kenapa lah aku still berharap macam akan ada...BODOHNYE aku!!!!

sedih lah....relation was nothing now! i was obvious to person like me!

ya Allah...bantulah aku!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oo..Oo...theraphy myself?

hoh...dunno what am i doing actually...ri ni, sepatutnyer dah balik seremban, but then, stil lagi menyemakkan diri kat kl...i really want to see him, but segan lorrr...huhuhu... then my aunty ajak i pergi teraphy...then i think...kalo i pegi, nanti i stuck in kl, tak de duit nak balik...huhuhu. so dengan segan nye i pun cakap, tak nak ah... tak de duit...but then she said, tak pe larr... 5 bugs jer...wayong belanja lar nanti...

at that time i rase, wah, okayh~....coz i really want to do it.... asyik tengok orng buat jer, nak gak buat ...naek lah kereta pergi tempat terapi tu...not so far, but if we walk, maybe kluar pukul 11.30 at 12.30 baru then, we pun sampai...

doktor tu dah tua larrr...tak nak even he is a i buat muka stupid, duduk kat kerusi tu... herr....

sangat syok beb...rasa cam nak tido jer...i pun mengeliat lar kan, sekali tangan terkena kat dinding. gosh...electric current..terkejut gak ah...tetiba jer jadi orang jakun... main2 letak tangan kat gle..hak3

okayh...dah dekat satu jam duk kat situ, then kiteorg pun kuar...mule2 tu cam pening sket...skang dah best...rasa lebih segar....poyo sungguh aku nie...hak2

my friend kata dia nak tgk gig kat the ruums..heheehe... nak jumpa dia larrr...but blah ah balik seremban jap lagi...huhuhu...naek komuter beb...memang sah jakun... well, 2 minggu cuti nie, mesti tak de pape nak wat...balik sgb ah...wahahaah...

to all matrix student...happy holiday~

Thursday, August 07, 2008


huhu..sangat skema... pelikkan? person like me tulis blog? warrhhh...bila nak study nie.... actually hanya orang yang cari alasan jer cakap cam tu...warhhh...teruk saya nie...huhu...what so ever...nanti2 lah tambah lagi...nak start kuliah nie...nie pun lari jap... tsk_tsk.... sangat busy with life...

Bye...pray for me!!!

ade orang cakap, blogger nie tak guna, tapi aku cakap...lantak ar...sape yang tulis nie? aku ke korang? chowzzzz