Wednesday, October 17, 2012

4th year, me and the no life

first of all... start writing this at 12.39 am... it's midnight people and i'm supposed to sleep right now, however due to some circumtances (light fever + headache *feels uncomfortable* and writing proposal), here i am, writing a post.

o-hisashiburi ne, blogger!!! sorry la, i takde bibik nak kemas sawang2 yang menapak dlm blog nih XD

owh well, i wanna write about my life as 4th year student.. *stroke that life, because no more life*... however, things must go on right.. kalo tak progress, maka tak habis lah benda yang kita buat tu.. huhu

oh, well, my FYP title has something related to silver nanoparticle. i won't explain here because i've been explaining to some of my classmates about it, and none of them really understand of what i said.. can't blame them. even my FYP coordinator herself didn't understand when i show my problem statement.. eh bukan.. she said "saya sebenarnya tak faham apa tajuk awak nih" hahahahh... the only one yang faham is my very own FYP supervisor... *kalo dia tak faham, masalah la wey* so, discuss ngan dia je laa~~

i'm glad that i have my SV as my SV... well, from my observation he's a kind of 'you do what you're happy to do'. no specific 'you have to do this'. he just tell us what he want as outcome, and we come out with what we want to do. kalo susah dr apa yg dia cadangkan, buat ikut yang kami mudah.

and he easily consult to. just kena tahu betul2 jadual dia la... kekadang jadual kami yang tak kena ngan dia.

so, kami bertiga (me doing silver nano, another member do bambara beans ferment?, and another one do on glucose sensor), how should i said this, quite ok la... my SV comment that bambara beans is the easiest, while that biosensor is complicated one.. so i'm in the middle. lol.. in the middle pun, you didn't know how i end up read six journal, but didn't get the info i want.. ORZ

so, the other classmates, most of them more on field work i guess. kena buat irrigation system for the plant. some do modelling, and ada yang thesis-like (observation). ada yang dapat SV yang ok, yang every week wajib jumpa, or specific date perjumpaan. or even worst survive sendiri sebab lecturer yang jadi SV tu busy sangat.. email jadi pengantara.. itu pun kalo sempat bukak. siap ada yang lecturer discuss ngan dorang sambil berjalan sebab busy sangat.

macam2 hal. macam2 ragam. there's one week that we have too many assignment, that i don't even have time for myself. and i end up skip on few classes. -.-" *gomen prof*

this post is actually dedicated to all my classmates. i can't denied that i myself experiencing a serious anxiousness right now. but, my way of relieving it is to talk and music. tapi tak semua orang sama cara nak calm down. ada yang kalo dengar music lagi serabut, ada yang tak leh dengar langsung bunyi pin jatuh atas lantai pun. so, carilah cara yang boleh bantu kita calm down a little bit. sebab kalo risau sambil buat kerja, for me, akan jadi tak fokus.

so friends, walaupun kita jarang2 cakap, jarang2 hang out/ buat aktiviti bersama2, saya doakan agar kita semua, Biosystems Engineering 2nd Batch Unimap akan berjaya mengharungi setahun yang mendatang ni. berjaya pakai jubah biru sama2 oktober tahun depan and sebelum tu setiap FYP yang kita jalankan berjaya.

before i end up, nak petik satu kata2 dr one of the member of my favourite band ever, Arashi *sorry bias*

"rather than smiling because of something, smile because of thinking something might come out good if you smile"

t/n: daripada senyum disebabkan sesuatu, senyumlah sebab anda fikir sesuatu yang baik akan berlaku jika anda berbuat demikian.
                                                                               - Aiba Masaki

till then. good luck.. gambarimasho!