Friday, November 18, 2011

cerita aku

masa aku kecik2 dulu,
aku hope aku cepat besar,
sebab orang besar banyak duit.
boleh beli sticker banyak2,
nak lekat kat pensil box,
nampak cantik and meriah je.

masa aku kecik2 dulu,
aku hope aku cepat besar,
sebab orang besar boley beli macam2.
masa tu aku nak sangat buku warna2.
yang gambar barbie tu.
siap aku cakap, lau aku besar nnt, aku nak beli banyak2.
boley main warna-warna.

masa aku kecik2 dulu,
aku hope aku cepat besar,
sebab aku nak sangat pakai cd walkman.
pakai tu nampak cam mewah gila lah..

masa aku kecik2 dulu,
aku hope aku cepat besar,
sebab orang besar boleh beli macam2 (reason ni lagi)
aku nak patung barbie.
tapi tak dapat..
so aku harap aku cepat besar ada duit sendiri,
boleh beli apa aku nak.

tapi lately,
aku gi pasar malam,
ada orang jual sticker, buku colouring ngan mainan.
aku terpikir, dah besar camni, ada lagi ke orang yang main benda2 cam tu?
tak bestnye bila dah besar


to be honest, if people ask me to recall what is the best memories that i have when i am a child (since born till 12 years old), i don't think i have a good memories to remember. my child life is not fun after all. when i was a child, or to be exact, when i was born, my father salary is only RM200 at that time. potong2 bayar bil suma, agak2 cukup ke untuk sebulan?

so that, i don't really have toys. as i could recall, my toys is from my grown up cousins who didn't need them anymore. so they give it to me. at that moment, receiving them is a bless.. walaupun dah buruk. and i still keep them in my room.

and everytime we went out, of course, as a child, i do have those feeling to want those kind of things. but what my mum said,"tak mo lah, mama tak de duit lah nis," and from what my mum told me, tade pulak i hentak2 kaki sebab tak dapat benda tu. sulking, i'm sure i do it, even my mum didn't say anything about it.

i guess that's the reason why, when i grow up, i value a lot of things. i have this habit of finding the lowest price instead the quality one with the high price. and i have this bad habit of lying. when my dad ask me,"do you have money right now?" i'll say i have, even i don't really have it... and sometimes, i'll let my account to be zero for a few weeks before i ask for some.

i didn't say i'm a good child after all. what i try to say is, i really hate seeing a child being spoiled too much.. seriously.. bila tak dapat sikit, hentak2 kaki, tarik muka masam macam muka lubang tandas. contoh terdekat, my brother.

since our family has become a little bit better than before, from what i see, both my mum and my dad spoil my brother too much. it's kinda annoying actually seeing he'll get what he wants.

i won't spoil him. that's my promise. i'll treat him like what my mum and my dad treat me last time. because i think how they treat me has produce what i am right now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

i've make a decision...

i'll reactivate my facebook account which have a lot of friends in it once i'll travel away from unimap.. that's it...

(which will happened in 2 weeks time i guess)

ps: too much drama is not good you know.. i hate it because it always appear good infront while in fact, it is sucks!
ps:ps: thanks for making up my day... ARASHI :P