Thursday, November 27, 2008

i am ready to let go of him....

suddenly i was shocked because i have no more feeling towards the guys that i like before... when the 2nd sem begin..all the last me were change..I'm no longer interested to be in relation.

when he started to reply, answer my phone call three weeks before... i was so happy.. i started to reduce all my feelings towards all the guys here... but then something happened between me and him cause me to give up with all these..i just want to be myself..being in love make me no more than i just want to be like before..

  • not easily fall in love..
  • very high demand in choosing a guy
  • wait until i finished my matrix program than only I'll look forward into relation
  • even if he shows response on me..i will not step out from my words

i'll fix!
for this time! and i will never change..
focus on my study


[aLia-nL] said...

dats the spirit!

Irsya said...

yes..after what i've been through all of these time... time to cahange..pouinter sangat rendah~