Thursday, September 30, 2010

update FESTKAPP3

maybe the last one from me about festkap.. if i update more about this, maybe just a review on the winner.. i got no confident if i ever manage to went for final. hurt? yes, but i really really think that i don't deserve it. so, no hurt there.

we went 7th in sequence for the contestants.7th from 9 group. so, i didn't listen other people singing because i ask to make it fast. so we go 2nd. it's fine for me. but not my friend for patriotik.

the first girl from microelectronic is good. i said good, because i feel sometimes her voice is out of key. during the verse part. but during the chorus part is good. so i think she'll go for final. then, the one after us, a boy. my friend from nasyid. GOSH! he is damn good with zapin budi song. so, i think he'll go for final too.

i never hope fo final since i got the minus 1. i don't feel comfortable with it. but that is the only song that i can remember well and i think i'm much better in keroncong. so i decided to take that song. i don't care about winning or losing. it's just a gaining experience. winning is just an advantage.

they said, if got for final, they'll send a message. so, may i shut my phone for a day? huhuhu

to kak ati. thanks for the voice technics, the 'lenggok', and what-so-last-minute-wash up-practice in the phone.. huhuhu..have try to follow what you've teach but some i didn't get it so it back to normal ...ngeh3 have try to do my best. but, i don't think winning is with me now...

i've told that before..hahahah

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