Monday, September 27, 2010

not really in a good mood

yes i am. so please stay away especially my roomate and my housemate... i'm afraid i'm going to burst out for something very silly. well actually i have. once i'm back into my feet, i'll stat talking like before

don't try to make me hate you or what so ever you do. because once i start hating people, it's hard for me to like them back, so.... don't start, unless u want so

someone has talk something bad even infront of me to my friend.. you know what? i just won't forgive you. i won't seek for any revenge but, if you get over the limit, you'll find out what i can do. beware~

ps:// that one is the main cause why i'm n the bad mood. there're others but... i don't think it's necessary for me to tell.


aLia-nL said...

marah marah marah! hahahaah!

Irsya said...

kita da serupa da wehhh~ haihhhra