Saturday, October 02, 2010

update festkapp 4

yes, i'm going final. with my classmate. she represents bioprocess for patriotic song.

gonna be a short post because actually i didn't have mood to update much. because i really don't have mood for final competition actually. still i try my best.

alhamdulillah, it's going well, but when i heard the recording, i hate to listen to my voice. don't know why but it seems changing into big. ahahah... i don't know why, maybe because of the low key. all the low note seems to be not clear after all.. my pronounciation, i felt worst.

but at the end, our VIP named few of us which he wants us to perform later. but still, i don't want to give any hope. i don't think i'm gonna win... but, nak pergi tgk penutup nanti... later i'm gonna post all the winner k..

till then daaa

ps:// video terbalik...nnt i letak, but you guys kena tgk ngan kepala teleng larr

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