Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what a sophomore?

hahha.. i know that my english language is not good... even to wrote these two sentences also i keep delete then wrote it back.. and i'm not sure if the first sentences after "hahha" is correct. but i'm trying to improve myself. i'm damn confident to speak with other people in english, but when i write and essay, damn! i'm worst! huhu. enough introduction

i recently watched "Assasination of High School President" and i'm quite interested with the word "sophomore". i didn't really know what is the meaning of the word and i just ignore it. don't expect me to be a nice student with a dictionary on my desk. i'm not that kind.

i'm still doubt about my course actually, so i went to find about biosystem engineering in other university, and guess what, there's a lot of universities in the world offer the course. and i try to interact with one of the professor of the other university, and he said "there are a lot of job opportunities for those in the course". phew, glad at least.

and i found again the word sophomore. then i ask my friend and she check her dictionary and it state that sophomore = second year student.

ahaha... so i can say myself as a sophomore.. i'm a 2nd year student this new academic session.

and we have two killer subjects this term. fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.. i always change them into fluid dynamics and termofluids... heheh.. and our lecturer keep asking us to aware of these two subjects. first 3 chapter, it looks easy, but then, it's getting harder and harder and harder.

we have computer aided system for biosystem engineering, and we deal with Autocad. seriously, i love this subjects, but last year, i used Autocad 2002. more complicated. now we used Autocad 2007. and i was like "why is it so easy o trim this? why we didn't have to explode those objects first?" complicated to easy one. it takes me a week to accept.. ngeh3

engineering skills 2. i love this subjects actually. last year. but dealing with ORCAD this year, i really2 hate it. it's already hard for me to understand, then the lecturer didn't help much... he's too fast and when we didn't get it, he get mad. for god sake... i wish i have a "slow buton" so that he can make it slow. urghh

engineering math 3.. so far so good. but i think the next two chapter will be hard. don't wanna kill myself, so better try my best this term

i'm not really sure if i'm going to be like the last term. i mean, last term, i'm quite busy with college activities, singing, bla bla bla. singing is to be highlight. i sings a lot here last term. but with the freshies, i'm not sure if i'm going to sing again. just wait and see. hee~~~

note:// i found the words Freshman Year, Junior year, sophomore year and senior year. my logical thinking says 1st year= freshman year, senior year= last year... if sophomore is 2nd year, then junior year??? how come our senior is a junior?? heheheh

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