Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 18, 2010....(see whose name inside)

I'm crediting people who wish me on my 20th birthday.. with few categories..

5 person by phone

* ayah
* mama
* aini
* syifa
* hajar

5 person by citra(another FB account)

* farid
* fatimah
* hajar
* kah kit
* yan

by skype

* ayu(unimap)
* mirul
* tiqah
* hartono
* fiqah
* alia(unimap)

by YM

* jaki
* chokee

10 first person by FB

* hajar
* kah kit
* ijan
* asnita
* ayu(matrix)
* Kua
* haziq
* che na
* eisya
* Cik Jamaliah

by tagging in a post

* k che da
* alan
* shila


* the first person who wish me is my dad, followed by my mum with difference 5 second time messages received.
* the first birthday i didn't get any wish from my ex-s
* got two birthday present, both from my classmates
* first present was in the morning of july 18, about 11 o' clock by Rozell.. it's a donut
* 2nd present was by the next day july 19 evening, about 5 o'clock( not sure.. i'm sleeping) by Aini.. it's a cake
* don't wish to put the last person name who wish me, because he wish me late 1 hour after july 18.. means 1 o' clock july 19. but still, there's a lot who wish me damn late.. but it's ok..heheh
* received a lot of wish from unexpected person..ngeh3.. for example, from someone i've crushed on him before.. ahaks..
* i'm fasting that day.. never expecting that.. it comes all of sudden.

that's all i guess.. thanks to those who wish you people so much....

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