Friday, July 23, 2010


i'm a girl ok.. so do understand me why i am so unstable now..huhu

i try my best to not emotionally disturb, try to contol my temper and try to control my sadness. i already have a lot of problems and i don't want to find any to give me more burden.. ngeh3

somehow i wonder why in my last2 post, it's all sounds i'm mad of something.harsh.angriness. maybe, i post them during my time.. well of course not all, but maybe certain. others... maybe because i'm really mad.

i'm not a kind of person who will express my feeling at that time. i'll keep it myself, when the time arrives, i'll exploded. enough about my mood for now.

we have two classes today... engineering math and ethnics relation.. math as usual, i'm bad in class. but damn good at home. so just now, our lecturer gives us 5 question and as usual i was kinda blurr with those question.. looks easy, but, i don't know where to start,so, i keep dong those question i know until...

lecturer: Nur Syahidatul Anis??
me: *rise up my hand*
lecturer: you do number 3
(( all conversation is in Malay language. just translate it))

what the heck? that is the question i don't know. and it's exactly the same type of the tutorial question i left out because i don't know how to do.. she already gives us the hint, but, i didn't listen, so i missed out.
so i said to her to teach me again... and know what? the work out are damn hell easy, and i was like, "that's it?"
and after a while, i manage to get the answer, show it infront of the class and also i able to teach other people. hehhe.. thanks mdm. i want to be one if she ask for any volunteer next time.. i understand them much easier than stay quiet in the class.

and we rest for the next 3 hours before went to another class. ethnic relation. bored. our lecturer is so-so. ok. but the topics, i don't know why lately i'm so not interested in history and facts. maybe because my head is so full of the un-processed fact from the last two semester. i can't accept anything in the class. it's so important for me to get the lecture notes, so that i can study them at home.

enough for today. it's 8.52 pm, and i still haven't have my bath. it's cold here. raining. makes me sleepy and soaked!

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