Friday, July 02, 2010

what inside my heart

who knows? who really knows? inside here, nobody see. you may see me laugh, smiling, but inside here, who knows?

as a girl, i try myself to be fit with the surrounding. i'm a daughter to a married couple. a biological child to them. what i do, is trying to cope what my parent wants. but sometimes, what they want, i don't want to do it.

and sometimes, friends doesn't really help. few of them did, but some of them gives more burden. i just don't know to say "NO", it just gives them more opportunity to take me down.. not addressing this to anyone, but, those who do, will know

fighting with my own feeling, it makes me hurt enough. i'm sad, everyday seeing what happens in my life, i will always pray to my Allah, hoping that HE gives me strength to face all the challenges.

i love my family, my life, my friends, and i hope my sacrifices will give a good return.


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