Sunday, July 25, 2010


everytime i think about the future, i'll be terrified. i'm not perfect. i don't know if i can plan my future from now.

i'm fat! horrible. not pretty as well. not even the "calon menantu mak mentua".

when i think about it, i'll imagine myself, alone.

but then,someone tells there's still a guy who still one his partner as *can be hugs* satisfiedly. there's still a guy who didn't care ho about the girls look. i think, there'still at least a guy who didn't care about the look. but will i find that kind of man?

today, i ask again my friend, what if i never get thinner? what if in the future i end up dead without getting married? then he asked me back " what is my principles on getting married?" and i said," god willing". somehow i realise, why should i care about my look just to find the "MR.RIGHT"?

i'll do it for my health. no more for those people who want me to be perfect. i'm me, i'm the one who choose my path. and i won't care what people going to say about me anymore.

and i think, i have found the last me who was lost since 2 years ago. i'm back..

thanks Khusairy Yahya, for make me realize about it, thanks for spending your time with me and didn't pick up ur GF call ((sorry girl. you're lucky one to have him, even sometimes he's quite annoying)), thanks to shuhud, for supporting me. i'll memorize you guys so much..

full stop.

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