Saturday, July 24, 2010


7.00 a.m, looked at mr. P. continue sleeping, but feeling worst. phonecall my friend, and if she'll be going for the ko-k, she said no. she has to move to Simpang Empat. she's a P3K student. they have to move out from wang ulu.. kesian...

call my classmate, Hajar. no answer. i wake up, having my bath, and look back at MR. P. Hajar says she's wearing her clothes.

7.15 am, i guess i'm late. where's my hand sock? searching, wear it, take my umbrella, put it in the bag and went out.

7.25 am, i know i'm late. keletuk keletak, my sandal sounds while i'm stepping down the stairs. call hajar, and she said she's walking to the Palapes block. wait for her there, then when by bus... finally, not late after all. still manage to catch bus.. akakak

8.00 am. wait for the door to open.

9.00 am, the instructor come and the class start. before, i have announced to those who are interested to join choir club, they can register with me. ahahah. and then there was an audition for the new comers for the 2nd MSK. i didn't heard anyone singing.. i don't care, but there's a girl, and she's playing piano so beautifully. playing my favourite classical song, Pachebel Canon, but i didn't know what key. ngeh3.

10.00 am, walked to Kangar and heading to Yamaha music center there. my violin string rusting already. so i bought A and E strings. and i asked them, if i want to leearn piano, how much will it be. and they said it's only cost RM 55. OK. so, i'll be taking it next sem..ahha.

that's all i guess. still amazed of that girl..gosh..

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