Monday, July 26, 2010

so not healthy

went to Kangar yesterday to buy shoes.. at the same time, try to look for a new cloth. i found it but... i can't fit in it. then, that aunty(the one who own the shop) ask me to go for a check. it attracts me so much.

when i went there, i've been asked to do the weighting. and i know that i am so not healthy.damn!

>>weight : 85.9 kg
>>body fat : 47.9 % (or those who are age below 30, they should have arround 17 to 24 %)
>>muscle mass : 42
>>physical rating : 3 group..( means i'm soldly build. in the other word quite obese)
>> kcal : 1518 (damn! high calories)
>> bone mass : 27 kg
>> visceral fat : 11 (supposed to have between 1-5)

should be a lot of effort i think. no think. i should!

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