Tuesday, October 05, 2010


when i talk about beauty, i'll cry.

y? is it because of the low self esteem or because of fact?

eventually, the fact has cause me to have this low self esteem. i'm hurt, everytime they talk about beauty.

yes, i have to agree with them, i'm not that beautiful until everyone will turn their head just to see me. i accept that fact. long time ago.

i just hate to heard the word "wahhh, isya,cntiknya" or "cantik sangat.." or what so ever related to that word. it's fake! it's a lie. i know who am i. if you try to entertain people, please don't tell lie. it hurts!

i'm not hoping to be like the duck in "ugly duckling" story. but i just hope that i'll be having the same fun when they talk about being beauty.

yes i know, we just can't change the fact. it's a fact and i know i can't change. this is me. and i should accept it. nevermind. i'm not beautiful, but thanks to Allah, for creating me without any physical disabilty

ps:// actually, i think twice to write about this. people will know my weakness. but i think i should. so that people will know that i'm not hurt if you tell me that i'm ugly.


aLia-nL said...

beauty lies in the eye of its beholder =) you dont have to be pretty to be successful right? dont mind what they think about you.the confidence and beauty must be from yourself..not from others.
most importantly....just be yourself =) +hugs+

afraliza said...

beauty is subjective..it depends on the individual itself to judge others..when looking @ sum1..some can said it's beautiful but some not at all..~~~kudos~~~