Tuesday, October 19, 2010


am i gaining weight? again?

well, i da patahkan kerusi roda makmal yesterday. and i don't know what really happened to me. segala benda pun tak sihat. benci!

i think my dad cakap betul. my lung week. keep coughing. even doing the simple things like playing basketball. penat then batuk. takut. but doktor ckp tak de pape.

and i keep shivering at night. why? because i think i demam. but when i wake up early in the morning, i don't. hard for me to go to the clinics, because i think that the doctor will said i'm making a story. sebab tak nak gi kelas. huh. benci betul. so tak payah.

please recover soon. i need my life for now.. :(

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