Sunday, September 13, 2009


from ms junainor; lecturer for TiTAS:

Attention: To all of my TITAS students on Monday 11am-1pm DKD2 Due to the 'early balik kampung syndrome', I have no choice but to postpone the test date. Those who went back home/kampung early will have no worry but, be sure to come back on time as your test will be commencing on the 29th of September, 2009 (during lecture). Test will consist of Chapter 1,2,3,&5. *Take note: Please bear in mind no excuse will be tolerated. If fail to sit for the test on time your marks will be deducted as this is the second time I have to postponed the test date.

heheh... see?? how god loves me? sebab esok ada test math... chapter vector ngan diffrentation.. tak tau ar asal, but seems like everytime sebut diffrentation, mesti mengeluh..hahaha...

gud luck la esok...

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