Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh my goodness

that guy is soooo damn hell annoying. i don't care about you. and i believe you shouldn't care bout me too.... mind ur own bussiness.please.

i didn't hate you because you're a loud person, love to speak what ever you wanna speak, but, i just hate you because you're such a hypocrite. if you still love her, go on for it. why use me? then when you hate the way i expressed what happened in my daily life, you just talk it, not infront of me, but somewhere away, with everyone knows what you just hate.

and also, i might be consider if you just hate me, but then you just similarize me and my friend. please... she's not like me and i'm not like her. what we do is just comforting each other. oh maybe because you're so annoying no one comfort you, and you're jealous with it. congratulations... i don't even think you know what is love mean.

it's not about i love you, you love me. it's not about relationship between two people. you should know, when you use to love someone, you should comfort her, appreciate her, not just dump her just like what you did.

for ur word sayin i'm pathetic for not accepting what happened in my life...just look at you. how long you can't accept the fact that she has leave you. you're just the same.. so don't simply said as u get back ur words.

just go on with your life. it's normal for a person to take their time to adapt to what happened around them. i'm not running away from my problem, i just need time. and i couldn't ask people to accept my way, and i will never ask them to do so, i just have to tell them who i really is. it's up to them what are they going to judge me next.

-oh..this is so irritating-

ps// i'm not mad because of what you say, but i'm mad because you're response to me but indirectly. just response to me ok. you're so egoistic. n now i think you're the one who pathetic. to scared to do so..

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