Thursday, April 15, 2010

study week people

huhuhu... actualy it's nearly end.. hohoho *da macam santa claus da*

well, i'm in pah house in kuala kangsar, perak. nothing much happened for this week accept for math, johnny depp, alice, johnny depp, helena bonham carter, math, johnny depp. hahah... i'm a die hard fan of johnny depp and helena...huhu

mereka sangat versatile.. paling saya kagumi ialah Helena of course. she can act everything.
boleh jadi gila, psycho, jahat, baik. gosh..sungguh hebat. and of course johnny depp begitu juga. sikap dia yang memilih watak telah membantu..

ni apa kes cita pasal johnny depp dalam study week nye main point nih?

owh.. actually balik untuk cr ketenangan dirumah and studying of course. no, because di unimap memang lah tenang, but then, i can't stand myself staying somewhere in ulu. memang sangat damai. but, regarding to my homesick for a very long time, hence, i go home. and besides, my cousins she major in math, so, i decide to learn from her. bukan tak mo jumpa lecturer but, i don't feel comfortable for it. unless kalo da betul2 tak paham baru i jumpa.

besides, i wanna learn the basics back. shit myself for being a lazy and dumb person during form4, form 5 and matrix. now, have to learn back.

i never imagine myself stuck into engineering AND biology. but dah dapat ni, usaha je lah.. insyaAllah ada rezeki for me in the future..heheheh.. nice~~~

dah.. i wanna continue my revision. and to all my lovely friends, goodluck.

ps:// i'm going back to ulu tomorrow. nicee...*smirks*

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