Thursday, April 22, 2010

i've learn something

our life is a process of learning. yes. i agree. and by today, I've learn something. i not saying this because i want people to say what i do is a noble and bla bla bla. just something.

i just love to sacrifice a lot. and i really mean it. especially when it goes with love. what will you do if ur friend, your very best friend fall in love with ur boyfriend. sucks isn't it? but i found out that it fun, even it was the worst part of my life.

at this time, i'll know if she really your bestfriend or not. yet, i've never found them as not. they always try to hide it from me. but at last, i know it.

and normally it end up she as my boyfriend new girlfriend. well, I'm out from the relation with the guy of course, but still, we're friend.a very close friend. even sometimes, we didn't know what we hide from each other.

but please people, do not sacrifice if you're not willingly to do that. not only in love, but in many other aspects in our life. if you really want to do what you want to do, just go for it. because, once you're not willingly to sacrifice, i'm afraid, you'll just talk about it in the future. and at that time, there will be a lot of people hurt.

just take this and always remember this, i love you all. and i hope that will be last forever.

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