Thursday, April 15, 2010

gelak gelak

sorry, you're too good looking for me.

i wanna use it sometimes. i have post it in facebook just to see how will people react to the statement. i'm soooooo not into love this time. pelikkan? someone who used to have a lotttt of special boyfriend masa secondary school and now was sooo not into love.

no. bukan sebab fobia. but i was so funny bila mengingatkan balik. rasa macam stupid je. and now, i used to see a lot of people who used to couple bagai nak rak nthen break. sengal.

i'm not sureif i really want to be in love. until when, we will see. someone yang able to take me as their partner is the one who able to open my heart to be in love back. sebab sekarang ni, memang dah takde. mungkin tak jumpa lagi kot. n the most important thing, siapalah yang nak aku nih???

if i used to say i like him, it just means i like him. bukan i love him. two different words ye tuan2 dan puan2. hehehe.. suka mengarut..maybe i'm too stress for this study week kot, that's why i merapu2.

ps//adore ngan my friend yang 'sorang' tuh. even jauh, masih bersama.. gaduh gaduh tu biasalah.. know who kan cik Alia???

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