Monday, August 30, 2010

it happens again

i finally really like someone...

he able to make me smile when i with him.

he got something that make me fall into him.

my day will be delightful if he at least message me.. at least a message.

everyday, i'll view his profile in FB.. just to see his face.

and i always hope his blog is update just to know he is alright.


i know, again i fall in love with a wrong person. i don't know why.. but i just don't want this feeling to fade away. it hurts.

it's not my classmate people. sebab prinsip saya mengatakan bahawa saya takkan bercinta dengan classmate saya.but he's somewhere here. somewhere in unimap.

kalaulah anda tahu apa yang saya rasa sekarang... "i think i'm in love"


iraixora said...

adakah aku kenal orang ituu

Irsya said...

errr.. tak kot...tapi mungkin aku pernah cerita pasal org tu