Friday, February 05, 2010

who cares!!!

well, bila melihatkan my friends' blog di terjah atau lebih tepat lagi diserang oleh our PLV (maybe in other University they call it as lab assitant), i was like wow. apakah yang sedang berlaku. i was like phobia jap nak online skype and update blog. but then, after several days, who cares? yes, i care. but in another point, i don't.

it's my life which you're trying to control, and it's my life which i want to have fun. so, i will just care about me. and once again to my PLV, thanks for doing that. sebab rasa macam funny, but, by the same time, i learn to respect your job. you have your dignity to do that. so, i promise i'll send all my lab report next week. which will be the due date for all reports.

hehehe..s.eb bek lah bukan blog aku kena serang..mau menggelabah nanti..heheh

thanks ms and mr.PLV (hehehe..biarlah rahsia siapa mereka.)

-------------------------------------end story of lab report-------------------------------------

next, talk about the subjects that i take this sem... baru nak buat overview?

Engineering Microbiology(ERT 103)

  • a reading subject.
  • have to pay attention in lab too.
  • understanding comes from LAB REPORT!!!!....and few from lecture???
  • all biology stuff.... tak jumpa lagi any physics stuff in this subject..yet.
  • amazing.
  • remeh nak menghafal...menghafal? ye lah kot.. blaja untuk exam ye menghafal, belajar untuk ilmu, memahami. jadi, remeh nak faham.
  • focus lecture mungkin membantu.

Engineering Properties of Biomaterials (ERT 142)

  • a reading + calculating subject
  • concept and application.
  • physics stuff is obvious. many math as you have to do you calculation, and bio? entah... ada lah kot... because cm tak ley focus dalam kelas.
  • senang untuk menghafal formula, susah untuk faham concept. hafal je formula...heh
  • focus tutor sangat membantu..

Engineering Mathematics II

  • a complex or continuity from both Engineering Maths I topic integration and differentation
  • kemahiran diffrentiate and integrate diperlukan sepenuhnye. maka perlu mahir basic diff. and integrate
  • Tutor buat habis insyaAllah score A tambah ngan extra excercise. merujuk kata2 cik Hidayah<<>
  • focus lecture important and kena buat tutor gak.

Computer programming ( EKT 120)

  • concept and application..
  • aku blaja IT dulu, so boleh la..but aku guna HTML, bukan C++
  • tak leh focus lecture, so aku focus lab. maybe after this, bley kot focus lecture.
  • Lab Excercise is important. sebab, kat situ kita leh faham apa yang cuba disampaikan.
  • will miss Dr. Ghosson as she'll move to Bahrain. sorry for the unresponse in class.

Skill and Technology in Communication (EUT 122)

  • Lecture Note is important!!! jadi sila download dr portal ye cik Irsya

Foundation English (EUW 112)

  • sape suruh dapat band 3, padan muka kena amik foundation.
  • best.. and lecture is damn important. no problem in understanding. hope can do well

Jazz band II

  • yeah..suka...
  • main sax
  • singing when being asked.
  • score A..hehehe
dah penat tulis, perah otak apa nak taip. well, as i said before, kena usaha lebih dis sem.. not really hope so much, sebab bila hoe, mesti tak dapat. so better lah usaha, n by the end, bila dapat yang best, rasa sangat puas. no more hope. ngeh.

dah.. nak cabut line tenet. nak gi buat lab report. dengan itu.wassalam..heheh

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