Tuesday, September 09, 2014




so when was the last time i update this? a year ago?? ok * blow away the dust*

anyway, nothing change.. not really. bad news? everywhere? good news? think positive, it'll be in your way.

so i still haven't get any permanent job. what i have now is a contract position with no particular position with a government bodies. nevermind that. as long as i can earn my own money and it's from a good source, why not?

anyway, i'm still an Arashi fan. make that to 3 years already, and i just discover the beautiful/cute ladies/girl group, AKB48 and i listen quite a lot to them lately... sorry that i became childish XD
not that sorry though. happiness is everywhere. right?

i still have way too many to achieve. so who ever in my way, please go away. don't need you. and seriously, shut up!

i'm not sure what i'm going to do with this blog anymore, but... maybe it'll full with rant later. lol.

I'm back!!! *to whom am i saying this? -.-""""*

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