Saturday, April 28, 2012


there's one time that i've said something and someone get mad because of what i said.

i said "i don't really have friends," and they replied "so, we're not your friends?".. and then i fell silent.

up to what point should we consider that someone is your friend? well this is my idea.

friend is just  somebody who is close to you, understand you and won't betray you.

and because i didn't believe people anymore, there's no such word in my life. there might be some of the people that i know understand me, never betray my trust, and close to me.. that i didn't consider as friend. that is bestfriend. bestfriend knows everything, understand you, care about you. there's such people ever exist in my life. that's the reason why i said "i don't really have friend"

this year, another definition of friend that i learn. friend is someone near to you, take advantage on what you have, betray your trust. i learn that this year. and from that time, i always consider what are you to me? everyone. every single person.

i'm not a good friend. i know. but why should i be one to someone who's not a good friend to me. up to the point that you betray my trust with the word 'help', i don't think that it's worth to have you as friend.

one more point, friend won't leave their friend when they have another friend. -reflect-

ps:// emotional rant. sorry.
ps://ps:// i wonder why. but i just won't pointing hand. please point your hand on me. then i'll start talking.
ps://ps://ps:// i'm a volcano.. for those who didn't understand that word, i just won't get mad at the moment. i'll keep it untill one time, i'll explode
ps://ps://ps://ps://for the last2 post, the friend word, it's just a word.


Alia Lokman said...

that's true.a good friend always stays by your side.always helpful when you need a hand.always lend their shoulders for you to cry.always understands you.and never betray you.

but hey, people aren't perfect =)

; am i considered as a friend?

Irsya said...

no... bestfriend