Saturday, May 22, 2010

it's so funny lah weh

tak de apa pun...wakakak... busy, and kepala aku pening memikirkan what step am i going to show this people tomorrow..owh... pelik ke? don't be so curious about it la weh... i used to play violin, singing and also dancing, so what's wrong with it? hahahah...

there's some people who used to fed up with me talking about johnny depp all the time..hello..all this time you keep talking about what you like and who you like until i feel like my eardrum sort like to burst out, i don't even care about it after all, so can't you do the same? owh forget, we just can't ope people to do like what we ever done...right... accept it irsya.. you always be the one who used to accept all of it, so... keep it shut...

who cares.. lantak ko lah ko suka or tak... aku peduli apa? bukan selalu pun aku gedik okayh~

owh ye... well, cuti yang membosankan and i start to know and learn what is demand really mean. and i'm practicing it, because i don't want any to spoil me anymore..erghhh..bajet jam haram~~~ blueekkk~

kelakar kan weh? macam2 hal dah sekarang ni dalam kehidupan aku sekarang... well, someone from my University, my band player actually((Should i say my? they not even fixed with me)) introduced me to rusell peter...ahahah...i can't stop laugh..kelakar nak mampos... well, if anyone who need a subtitle, go and find it by yourself.. i don't really need it..ngeh..((bongkak gila))...and if anyone who wish to watch, gi cr dalam youtube..nak upload kat sini, besar sangat lah plak..tau2 je lah berukband ni macam mana rupanya kalo mengupload-download nih..haram jadah je..ahaks..



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