Friday, April 17, 2009

i miss you guys! really

it just 5 hours i leave matrik (now is 10.25 pm)... n i really miss you guys now!!

i'm sorry for being such an ego gurl in matrik..i use not to speak to all of you.... but i really want to do it..until the end...i don't do it..n i'm regret of it...

i miss H4T25 (sem 2)! so much! you guys brighten my day...sangat.. i miss you guys... so sorry for being such a quiet person in class.. i love you guys

i miss the last class, H3T19 (sem 1). thanks for being such a friendly person to me... miss you..

my roomate:balkis & imm, my friends....ayu, shila, aty, a'an,mimi, nadiah, farah, all the p3 t1 09, p3 t2 15, p1 t1 06, p1 tb 03and all...sayang korg suma! love you guys forever and ever!

H3 T19 (1ST SEM)

H4 T25 (SEM 2)

me and a'an

malam yang ceria with all my friend

my room members

enjoy this holiday!!!!!


aku la labu... said...

ade gak name ak.... wuuuuu.....

Irsya said...

hahaha...agak benogong di situ... nak terharu lah konon?