Wednesday, October 12, 2011

shock with myself

this past few weeks, i personally feel that i've change a lot. i don't really like to talk, but everytime i talk, all that i blurted out are nonsense. well, kinda of jokes actually, and all of them are not making any senses. and today, i made another decision:

i decided to deactivate my facebook account. the one that i have "a lot of friends". somehow, i feel that i spend to many time "watching drama" in there, so i decided to deactivate it. yes, it temporary, but i don't know until when.. i just don't have any feeling in my heart to open it, unless if something damn important for me to re-activate it back.

yes, i have another FB account, but for time being, i'll let it be for my classmates, family and the one who i want too.

i'm shocked because i believe everyone knows i'm an internet addicted. to be exact, facebook addicted. so, me, deactivating FB is something that not many people expect me to do so. yes, i didn't online with skype before, but, i'll install it later. and i'll be active in twitter and myspace after this as i really love to write. don't ask me why i deactivate my FB so many time. for now, i just need some privacy... that's the reason why, the other fb is for me, my family and the people i trust.

thats all...

((i might be outdated for active in myspace and weird for active in twitter, but, i guess, that is the only way.. ahhh.. tsukareta!!))

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