Tuesday, May 10, 2011

it's raining

yup... it's raining.. you're not wrongly reading it... hell to yeah i'm not going to sing those 'rain rain go away. come the other day" song.. it's not needed... Perlis really need rain after all...

ahhh.. it's a dry season, and i hate it.. somehow i prefer rain than hot sunny day... it's not that troublesome to bring umbrella along, but yet it'll be troublesome if you don't bring it... ngee~~~

speeking of that, it quite a long time Perlis didn't experienced any rain.. it has been a hot day even at night. and it has been a long time since the last time i have enough and proper sleep. i'll sleep at two a.m everyday and i'll wake up at 4 a.m. why? it's so 'comfortable' to sleep in this kind of situation... "hot + exam" situation. grrr... somehow i'm tired, but still it'll be my routine... 2 am to 4 am is my sleep time... if i able to sleep again, i'll sleep or else, i'll open my notes and once i feel sleepy, i'll sleep again :D

yet, i still have one more paper left. Geomatic engineering... the most-hated-and-fail subject for me. i didn't get any idea about the subject though. i hate it... it's not because of the lecturer (don't want to put a blame on others), it's because of me after all... sick, skipping class, not focus.... good for that..well it's three days left before the final paper, i guess i still have time though.. haish...

pray for me people... :)

((it's bored acually... and i'm so into my mood to write an entry in english... it didn't appear any red, so i guess no problem with my spelling, but maybe my grammar... ahhhhh... damn it!)

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