Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i wanna cry

i wanna cry.. really.. since i am form five, i didn't know how to manage my feeling if a problem on feeling after me. so sucks! the whole day of mine was nothing today...

remember the time you wrote here that you will only fall in love when you are in third year? where is the promise?
maybe it's the time to stop like people as people never know you like them. the word like isn't permanent. the word like is just a temporary.. but still when you like people, but they don't, it hurt you much.

seriously, and obviously, you should be a professional, as you will always see him after this, as people already know you. be a PROFESSIONAL. a people who have a work affair, shouldn't have a personal affair with each other.

stop blaming yourself, because every teenagers would like to feel of loving and being love. but as for now, please don't do it. cause you'll hurt and you will never secure anything unless a horrible life..

it's not wrong for being in love, but you always got a wrong person, a wrong situation and a wrong time!

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