Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mama

A little bit late to post..but HAppy Mother's Day Mama... suppose it's should be a very fine simple celebration.. but then... something happened....

i went to KL yesterday... because yan and uncle are going for umrah... so we stay at Yan's house for a night... Tengok AF...and i have to said dis..penipu punya Astro... tak nak aku tengok AF dah! huh!

so... esoknye kami ke KLIA. best..tapi... SOMETHING HAPPENED

suma org tau tax kat KLIA sangatlah tinggi. so i decide to not buy anything. then, my brother merengek nak beli McFlurry.... it cost RM 6.30...2 bugs more then the actual price...sangat lah bengang...and I said to mama... jangan turutkan... bukan busuk hati..but bosan ngan attitude both of my parents yang suka sangat turutkan adik i.

and then as usual... diturutkan jugak..and i was like yelling kat my mum.. saying something yang still bertapis... but sangat menyakitkan. she didn't express it to me.. but she talk with my other aunts saying what she do is right.. nothing wrong after all.

the whole day of mine was sucks!

i always want to fixed with my pricipe...parents always right... tapi.. untuk benda macam ni.. i don't think it's right.

Please Mum and Dad.. i'm not jealous.. but i want him to be better in future. if you keep giving what he wants... do you think he can?

i am so dissapointed.. Sumpah


aku la labu said...

sardis la plak bile ak bace..but how can i say this... may b u will do the same things...when u become a mother 1 day.... kot la....

Irsya said...

bengong lak ko ni. aku jadi mak? anak aku manja ngan bapak dia je lah kot... i wonder gile sapa dia..i hope mr Y...ngeh~