Wednesday, February 04, 2009

maybe because i'm a malay

i love malaysia so much..with my full heart i say this. it's bad when i see something which is very annoying me today.

saya tak peduli kamu chinese ke, indian ke, kadazan long you're are malaysian, i'll respect you. but, today, i saw a different sight from non-malay. why is there should be a discriminate? i don't want to say who, but you keep finding my (or our) mistakes again and again. sedangkan ramai lagi org yang buat salah, kamu tutup sebelah mata. hell!

takpelah.. mungkin kamu sayang saya. tu kamu asyik cari salah saya.kan?kan?kan?


[aLia-nL] said...

anggaplah mereka mmg begitu...hehe

Irsya said...

positive thinking will lead to a positive result right? ngee~